Environmental &
Social Governance

Because health and the environment belong together.

The topic of sustainability is deeply rooted in the family business Richter Pharma. The management and the owner have already done a lot in this direction in the past and considered it a matter of course long before the topic was on everyone's lips. Thus, Richter Pharma is starting from an astonishingly low base with its ESG (Environmental & Social Governance) programme, which is now also structurally anchored. We already source 35% of our total energy for Richter Pharma and all associated subsidiaries from renewable energy sources, such as electricity from hydropower or district heating via biomass.

The environment is close to our hearts and that is why we will do our utmost in the future to make a contribution together with our employees, suppliers and customers to support the global goal of our company towards sustainability.

Our goals until 2025

Based on selected SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations), we have set ourselves ambitious goals with our programme until 2025.

Mobile emissions
% Reduction
Stationary emissions
% Reduction
Occupational safety
% Reduction of occupational accidents

Moving a lot together

In terms of sustainability, however, it is particularly important for us to work with our customers and suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint of the products we supply. This also means that we take a closer look at the underlying processes and, where possible and sensible, optimise them in such a way that together we become more environmentally friendly along the supply chain.

Because we are convinced that health and the environment belong together and that together we can make a big difference.

Sustainability starts with top management

Mag. Roland Huemer, Fotocredit: Peter Baier

Roland Huemer has been part of Richter Pharma for more than 20 years and has headed the company as CEO since 2013.

"For me, running a company successfully in the long term means taking responsibility."

  • Responsibility for our customers, in that we not only fulfil our supply mandate for humans and animals, but live it.
  • Responsibility for our employees, by offering them an environment in which they can develop.
  • Responsibility for our environment, in that we design our processes with sustainability factors in mind and also take this into account when making investments.

Sustainability practised by the owner

Mag. pharm. Florian Fritsch, Fotocredit: Peter Baier

Long before the topic of sustainability was considered modern and required by law, it was a personal concern of the owner of Richter Pharma, Mag. pharm. Florian Fritsch.

In 2022 he was awarded the "State Prize for Forests" for planting 39,800 trees over the past decades and making the city forest available to the people of Wels for their use.

"I'm not doing this for myself, but for my children and grandchildren," says Florian Fritsch about his private investment in our environment.

Our Sustainability Report 2022

For the first time, Richter Pharma has prepared a sustainability report. This is already subject to the future standards according to CSRD and GRI.