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Richter Pharma: reliable partner for veterinarians

As the leading veterinary pharmaceutical distributor, we are the first point of contact for all veterinarians in Austria. As a full-range wholesaler, we supply Austria's veterinarians with pharmaceuticals, supplementary feeds, care products and a comprehensive range of practice supplies and practice equipment.

Richter Pharma supplies veterinarians with a diverse range of products and services as a partner at every stage of their profession, right from the launch of their practice. Our digital services include the online store elOrd, the electronic home pharmacy elHapo and the electronic antibiotic monitoring elMo. Our field service and customer service round off the wide range of services, , thus allowing veterinarians to focus on their daily work – animal care and animal health.

VetViva Richter GmbH — a subsidiary of Richter Pharma AG — is a specialized manufacturer of veterinary medicines that exports its products worldwide. Its mission is to make a valuable contribution to animal health and welfare, whether in pets or farm animals.  To this end VetViva Richter GmbH specialises in the field of pain management with a focus on analgesics and anaesthetics. Together with its distribution partners, VetViva supplies veterinarians in more than 50 countries.

We offer veterinary manufacturers from across Europe a partnership in logistics and distribution. Depending on the manufacturers' needs, we can provide logistics services in Austria, actively manage the distribution through our sales force and customer service team or provide marketing support for your products.

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We provide comprehensive veterinary supplies as a full-range wholesaler.

VetViva pharmaceutical production

Made in Austria

VetViva Richter GmbH is the only Austrian pharmaceutical manufacturer that is 100% Austrian owned.

Logistics & distribution

Manufacturer service

Manufacturers of veterinary products can choose between different service levels.

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