Animal Health

Our heart beats for animal health

Richter Pharma: Your specialised supplier of veterinary medicines

Our mission is to make a valuable contribution to animal health and welfare, whether it is for pets or farm animals. Making an animal's life worth living also means ensuring that the animals are free from pain.

That is why we have specialised ourselves as manufacturer of veterinary medicines with a production focus on analgesics and anaesthetics under the motto "Leadership in pain management". Together with our distribution partners, we supply from Austria veterinarians in over 60 countries.
Richter Pharma holds a total of 700 marketing authorisations and offers comprehensive medical and marketing support for its more than 70 distribution partners worldwide.

As a contract manufacturer, we are a partner for other pharmaceutical producers.

As the market-leading veterinary pharmaceutical distributor in Austria, we are the first point of contact for all veterinarians and also for industry partners. Richter Pharma supplies with a diverse range of products and services as a partner throughout the evolution of their profession, right from the start of their practice. We offer industry partners the right solution, from pure logistics services to exclusive distribution cooperation.

Head of Veterinary Business

Andreas Asamer, MBA

"Animal health has been with me all my life. Growing up on a pig farm in Upper Austria, this topic has never left me, even later in my career. After 15 years in the feed additive industry, I am now proud to have been able to make a valuable contribution to the optimal medical care of animals together with Richter Pharma since 2010."

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