The fully assorted pharmaceutical trade

The right drug at the right time in the right place!

As a full-range pharmaceutical wholesaler, Richter Pharma offers nationwide distribution to customers in the human sector throughout Austria.

With more than a hundred years of pharmaceutical expertise and experience, Richter Pharma is an irreplaceable link in the drug supply chain, ensuring that medicines are on hand when they are needed quickly and urgently.

Richter Pharma Human - a healthy future in a challenging environment


Richter Pharma, reliable partner in supply

As a proven partner of the Bundesbeschaffungsgesellschaft , we have years of experience in the distribution of supplies for the entire population.
From vaccine logistics during pandemics to supplying the Austrian judiciary - we fulfill our supply mandate throughout Austria on a daily basis!

We are proud to be one of Austria's leadings companies and form the backbone of nationwide pharmaceutical supply.

Shaper & innovator as a healthcare provider

As a manufacturer and service provider, we are always a shaper and innovator in the healthcare sector and therefore the first point of contact when it comes to the supply of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.

In addition to supplying doctors' in-house pharmacies and pharmacies, we are of course also available to other healthcare providers such as hospitals and authorized recipients for various services.


Delivery boxes
Between 2.500 and 3.000 boxes are transported per day from our logistics center
own fleet of vehicles
AMBO compliant 2-zone delivery vehicles

Your satisfaction is close to our heart

Prompt, competent & personal

Consistent and competent support by our qualified customer service team as well as our long-standing and experienced area managers is a particular concern of ours.

Ongoing training and a permanent exchange of information form the basis of optimal customer care.

It is important to us to provide you with the best possible support in your daily work and to make it easier for you.

We are here for you!

Our customer service is looking forward to your inquiry

We will be happy to assist you with all inquiries as well as your order!

Order & Inquiry Times:
Montag - Freitag: 07:30 - 19:00
Samstag: 09:00 - 12:00

Tel: +43 7242 / 490 11

Fax: +43 7242 / 490 200


Customized according to your needs!

You need an individual or common magistral formulation?
...we have the necessary know-how to produce them for individual patients and customers directly in Wels in small-quantity production in cooperation with Adler Apotheke Wels.

Frequently required formulations can be taken from a ready-made sample formulation list.
Creams, pastes, emulsions, tea mixtures, eye drops are only an extract of our possibilities.

Do you have any questions about individual formulations, the various dosage forms, ordering or delivery?
We are happy to receive your inquiries and requirements.

Strong partner companies in supply

Together with our partner company MedVenturo, we can offer services such as patient-specific blistering of drugs under GMP-compliant conditions, at the highest level - with the greatest quality, safety and transparency.

Fotocredit: Peter Baier
Head of Sales Richter Pharma Human

Stefan Reisinger, MBA

As a healthcare provider and full-range pharmaceutical wholesaler, we supply our customers with all pharmaceuticals approved in Austria as well as the continuing assortment.

A stable and above all secure supply is always our incentive and our mission.

We support our customers with innovative services so that they can focus on their core business.

Fotocredit: Peter Baier
Head of Customer Service Human

Andrea Huemerlehner

It is very important to all employees to always be available for our customers and to be the first contact person.

On the one hand to fulfill customer requests and inquiries and on the other hand also to exchange a few personal words in between.

We attach great importance to the fact that every customer is looked after by his long-time telephonist, this forms the foundation for an optimal support and is part of a good service for us.

Although our field of activity is always very challenging and often precisely timed, you will find good-humored female employees at the workplaces of our customer service colleagues.

Our locations

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Logistics & IT
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Pharmaceutical production
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