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Due to our current eating habits, we are often unable to meet our requirements for vitamins and trace elements. In addition, stress, professional pressure, constant sitting in closed rooms, physical and mental exertion, etc. place great strain on our organism - our physique faces challenges and the risk of illness increases.

In this case, the body needs, in addition to conscious recovery times and regular exercise, especially vitamins and minerals to support the defenses and co in their normal function.

Since 2011, Richter Pharma has therefore been developing and selling food supplements and foods for special medical purposes (balanced diets), focusing on their combinations of micronutrients and vitamins to strengthen the immune system (Supamun®), to support iron deficiency/iron deficiency anemia (Supaferrin®) or the innovative form of eye moisturization (Supaeye®).

Our own over-the-counter products & further information


The Richter Pharma OTC product family includes, among others, immune system-supporting food supplements, the basis of which is always high-dose vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D3.

The current range consists of:

  •     Supamun┬« Immune Capsules
  •     Supamun┬« Immune Power Nectar
  •     Supamun┬« Immune Sticks for on the go
  •     Supamun┬« Immun Junior Power Paws - vitamin fruit gums
  •     Supamun┬« Immune Effervescent vegan the first vegan immune booster in Austria
  •     Supamun┬« AKUT sticks are recommended for dietary management of flu-like infections

Visit and to learn more about our range in the field of immune system support.


Dry eyes?
But that's enough now!


Constant or long screen work, working in air-conditioned or heated rooms, but also wearing contact lenses or a mouth-nose protection as well as cigarette smoke or cosmetics, disrupt our eyes or, in particular, the supply of the necessary tear fluid to moisten the surface of the eye.

With Supaeye®, we at Richter Pharma have developed a product that aims at a long-term elimination of the above-mentioned symptoms by oral capsule intake.


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Mag. Michaela Mayrhofer, MA / Head of Business Unit OTC

"Through our proximity to people, we recognize and understand special health needs. We respond to these more quickly and effectively than any other manufacturer with our flexible development and production processes - ideas are implemented decisively and energetically into unique solutions at our company.

We are a traditional, but future-oriented company from Austria. We score with regionality and Austrian added value.

Our strict quality guidelines and scientific standards ensure that we solve our customers' health problems and needs with products that are highly relevant and highly effective."

Supamun® Immune Effervescent Vegan, Capsules, Power Nectar, Sticks and Junior Power Paws and Supaeye® Capsules are dietary supplements. Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, which is important together with a healthy lifestyle. Supamun® akut Sticks and Supaferrin® Capsules are foods for special purposes (balanced diets). For dietary management of flu-like infections or iron deficiency/iron deficiency anemia.

Stress has no chance with me!


Whether on the job, in exam situations or as parents moving between parenthood and work - stress and pressure are often daily companions. Today's hectic everyday life increasingly demands our attention and mental powers of perception and decision-making, forcing us to multitask efficiently.

With Supabrain® we at Richter Pharma have developed a product

  •     for the natural support of mental performance
  •     to reduce tiredness and fatigue,
  •     and to protect the cells from oxidative stress.  

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