From pharmacy
to international pharmaceutical company

The Richter DNA

Strong roots are the basis for our success

There are probably not many companies in Austria or even worldwide that have a corporate history like Richter Pharma. That is why we had our history professionally reviewed for our 100th anniversary in 2016 and in the course of this also received a Wikipedia entry for the company as well as the "Pegasus" in bronze, an Upper Austrian business award.

Join us on an exciting journey through the world of Richter Pharma and discover the cornerstones of the Richter DNA!


Birth of VetViva Richter GmbH

VetViva Richter GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Richter Pharma AG, opened its doors on April 1, 2023. VetViva provides veterinary customers worldwide with pharmaceuticals for the health of pets and livestock.

Since April 1, 2023, the entire know-how of veterinary drug manufacturing has been bundled in a new organization. From research and development for drug approval to production and international marketing of veterinary medicines, customers of the new wholly owned subsidiary named VetViva Richter GmbH will be offered strong solutions for our companion and farm animals worldwide.


Richter Pharma triples new production in Wels by 35 million euros: Richter Pharma AG in Wels is focusing on Upper Austria as a business location and is modernizing and expanding its veterinary pharmaceutical production with a new production complex in Wels' DurisolstraƟe.

The investment volume amounts to 35 million euros, and the new building is scheduled to be occupied in 2025. On January 17, 2023, the Upper Austrian Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer, the Mayor of Wels Dr. Andreas Rabl, Richter Pharma owner Mag. pharm. Florian Fritsch and Richter Pharma CEO Roland Huemer held the groundbreaking ceremony.

Corona Virus


The year of the pandemic: 2020 remains in the collective memory of the world's population as the year in which the Corona Crisis began. The Corona crisis was also THE topic of 2020 for Richter Pharma and its subsidiary Pharma Logistik Austria.

For us, however, one thing was clear from the very beginning:
As an Austrian company in the critical healthcare infrastructure, we bear a great responsibility for the health of the people and animals in our country and will do everything we can to live up to it.

New logistics site of Pharma Logistik Austria in the opening year 2019


In 2019, the new logistics site of Pharma Logistik Austria will be opened in Wels. In the years before, Pharma Logistik Austria has developed into a major healthcare service provider.

100th anniversary of Richter Pharma AG


On the initiative of the owner and chairman of the supervisory board Mag. pharm. Florian Fritsch, a professional reappraisal of the company's history began in 2014 together with the Rubicom agency. Since then, the project and now also the visualization in the company bore the name "Die Richter DNA - Genetic History - Genetic Future".

"After all, when we look at the roots of the company, the Adler Apotheke on Welser Stadtpatz, we look back on a history of over 400 years. The Richter and Fritsch families came together through marriage 100 years ago," Fritsch explains.

Handover of the chairmanship from Mag. pharm. Florian Fritsch to Roland Huemer


With July 2013, the management of Richter Pharma AG is taken over by a non-family member for the first time in the company's history. Roland Huemer has been at the helm of the company since then.
company since then. Friedrich Pƶcherstorfer continues in the function of Chief Financial Officer. Florian Fritsch has chaired the Supervisory Board since 2013.

Headquarter Maria-Theresia-StraƟe 41 in 2009


The competence center Maria-Theresia-StraƟe in the former art mill Fritsch in Wels is occupied. With the expansion into the company headquarters of Richter Pharma AG, the history of the two entrepreneurial families Richter and Fritsch is also brought together spatially.

Building Pharma Logistik Austria in the founding year 2006


Pharma Logistik Austria is spun off in the form of a GesmbH (limited liability company), but continues to belong to the now Richter Pharma corporate structure as a wholly owned subsidiary. Pharma Logistik Austria specializes in the logistics of highly sensitive pharmaceuticals such as cytostatics, products requiring a cold chain, narcotics and biotech products. The "value added services", which PLA offers in addition, correspond more and more to the idea of a total service provider.

Three members of the Management Board in 2004: from left: Friedrich Pƶcherstorfer, Mag. pharm. Florian Fritsch and Roland Huemer.


The new Management Board consists of three members: Roland Huemer strengthens the Management Board in the areas of marketing, sales and logistics. He takes over these areas from Florian Fritsch. Fritz Pƶcherstorfer is the Chief Financial Officer.

Roland Huemer sees maintaining corporate stability as an important goal: "Richter Pharma must have a clear profile on the market with its business areas, and we must continue to identify future opportunities at an early stage."

Logo of Richter Pharma AG in 1999


The conversion to the new legal form of a stock corporation creates favorable conditions for the further development of Richter Pharma AG. The new corporate form takes account of the increasing complexity of what is happening. The AG is now responsible for the operative business, the management becomes the management board, supplemented by a supervisory board elected for a period of five years.

Richter Pharma production facility in 1992


The construction of the new pharmaceutical production facility at Durisolstrasse 14 brings an enormous modernization boost for the company. The production of veterinary pharmaceuticals becomes even more specialized.

On June 26, 1992, the new production facility was officially opened, providing a new workplace for 60 employees.

Florian Fritsch in 1989


With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, the year 1989 marked a new beginning, not only for Europe.

At Richter Pharma, the company is delighted with the successful handover of the business. Alfred Fritsch retires from management and passes the baton to his son Florian Fritsch. He implements important modernizations and thus strengthens the Richter Pharma company despite increasing competition.

Site Feldgasse in 1973


After two years of construction, the company moves into its new premises at Feldgasse 19, which are up to the tasks of pharmaceutical wholesale.

The new building houses a state-of-the-art EDP system, a fully stocked warehouse, shipping and delivery car facilities, and offices. The pharmacy at Stadtplatz remains the flagship of the company.

Alfred Fritsch takes over Richter Pharma


Alfred Fritsch, son of the KunstmĆ¼hlen owner Alfred Fritsch Sr., takes over the inheritance from Hubert Richter, who dies childless and thus ends the Richter era in the Adler pharmacy. The previous generations had already expanded the pharmacy "Zum schwarzen Adler" into a pharmaceutical business.

Under Alfred Fritsch, however, the company is taken to new heights and plays an important role in the supply of medicines throughout Austria.

Hubert Richter at the Adler Pharmacy


Hubert Richter takes over the management of the pharmacy "Zum Schwarzen Adler" in the third generation. He significantly develops his father's business and invests more in the veterinary sector.

Hubert Richter focuses on supplying the doctors who run the pharmacy and acquires his first automobiles for this purpose.

Wedding photo Margarete Richter und Egon Fritsch


On June 30, Magarete Richter and Egon Fritsch marry at the Hotel Greif in Wels. Margarete is the daughter of Carl Richter Jr., Egon Fritsch in turn descends from the important industrialist family Fritsch, which runs the Wels art mill.

This marriage links two influential Wels families.

Carl Richter sen.


Pharmacist Carl Richter sen. (1835-1891) is the discoverer of the Gunther Spring in Bad Hall and acquires the "Apotheke zum Schwarzen Adler", which has been owned by the Richter/Fritsch families since then.

Richter introduced numerous innovations in the pharmacy and also devoted himself to the interior design of the pharmacy, in which he was the first store in Wels to have the Auer light installed.

First mention of the Adler pharmacy


It all began more than 400 years ago, when the pharmacy on the town square was first mentioned in the books of the city of Wels.

Even today, the Adler Pharmacy, first recorded in 1576, is still at the same location on the medieval town square in the heart of Wels. Over the centuries, this is where the success story of Richter Pharma began.