a healthy lead

We care about the health of humans & animals. Always have!

Thus, over the course of four centuries, a pharmacy on the Welser Stadtplatz has developed into a globally successful pharmaceutical company. Today, Richter Pharma positions itself as a multifaceted provider on the market through its maximum spectrum of healthcare services.

From GMP-compliant production to classic, full-range human pharmaceutical trading, market leadership in the Austrian veterinary wholesale sector and logistics services for the pharmaceutical industry, all our customers benefit from comprehensive pharmaceutical expertise along the entire value chain.

With the guiding principle "providing a healthy lead", we place our strategic focus on the development of innovative products and services in the healthcare sector.

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Our business areas

Thanks to the commitment of our employees, we now stand on four successful pillars:

Richter Pharma Human - Your pharmaceutical retailer with that certain something extra.
Richter Pharma Veterinary - The No. 1 in Austrian veterinary care
Richter Pharma Industrie - your specialized veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer
Pharma Logistik Austria GmbH - our wholly-owned subsidiary is a specialized partner in the pharmaceutical market, providing logistics and other pharmaceutical services for national and multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The pharmaceutical trade with the certain extra!

As a full-range pharmaceutical distributor, we offer nationwide distribution to public pharmacies, doctors running in-house pharmacies and hospitals throughout Austria.

With more than one hundred years of pharmaceutical expertise, we are an irreplaceable link in the supply of medicines and ensure that medicines are on hand when they are needed quickly and urgently.

Innovative services such as patient-specific blistering of drugs under GMP-compliant conditions can be offered first class thanks to the synergies with MEDventuro GmbH, in which Richter Pharma holds a 1/3 stake.

Your first contact for animal health!

As the market-leading veterinary pharmaceutical distributor in Austria, we are your first point of contact, regardless of whether you communicate your concerns to us as a veterinarian or as an industrial partner. From pure logistics services to exclusive cooperation, we offer the right solution for all industry partners.

Partnership at eye level - for a "veterinarian's lifetime

We accompany our customers from the time they start their studies, through the start of their practice, to their ongoing training. IT services developed in-house or the comprehensive range of practice supplies round off the diverse range of services.

Your specialized manufacturer of veterinary medicines!

Our claim is to make a valuable contribution to the welfare of animals, whether they are pets or livestock. Making an animal's life worth living also means that the animals are not in pain.

That is why we have specialized as a manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals and offer a production focus on analgesics and anesthetics under the premise "Leading in pain management".

Richter Pharma holds a total of 700 drug approvals and provides comprehensive technical marketing support to over 70 distributors worldwide.

Pharma Logistik Austria

Reach your destination with quality!

Pharma Logistik Austria is your integrated healthcare service provider and outsourcing partner for logistics, patient care and added value services

Originating from a pharmacy with more than 400 years of tradition, Pharma Logistik Austria is today a dynamic, future-oriented company with logistics centres in Wels and Vienna. 

As a subsidiary of Richter Pharma, we use the competences and synergies of the entire group network.

Comprehensive logistics services, patient orientation, competence and innovative strength make us a significant and recognised industry player in the national pharmaceutical market.