Vision & Mission

Richter Pharma - a tangible spirit

We look back with pride on the success of recent years: economically, but also in human terms. Because our corporate culture and cohesion are essential contributions to our strong and growing market position. We support each other, because the success of the whole counts more than that of the individual. This is the Richter Pharma spirit that defines us. We are proud of our past and present successes, of the strong tradition and creative power of Richter Pharma. We build on this and create new things for our future.

We take advantage of opportunities through change, thus remaining agile and becoming better and better. We are open to new ideas and think outside the box. We want to build on our strengths and develop new markets and business areas. Because we are convinced that value creation and value appreciation are inseparable. We live partnership - with our customers, suppliers and partners as well as within our Richter Pharma team.

Our Vision

When we think about our future, the following thought guides us:

As a manufacturer and service provider we are shaping and innovating healthcare for humans and animals.

Our Mission

This future orientation is based on a mission that shows us our mission every day:

We ensure and improve the high-quality supply of
pharmaceuticals and healthcare products for humans and animals.


We draw our strength from our value pairs, which are firmly anchored in our DNA.

Courage & Creative Drive

We are a dynamic company that is always oriented to the challenges of the future. This requires entrepreneurial courage, which has always distinguished us as a traditional company. Courage is the basis for change and further development: Because the world belongs to the courageous!


Innovative ideas and comprehensive healthcare services are implemented decisively and energetically at our company. A cooperative management style enables us to participate on a broad level. The creative spirit can be felt in every generation of entrepreneurs and management.

Loyalty & Responsibility

Loyalty also stands for trust, stability and reliability in the future. This is reflected in our employee and customer relationships. This mutual bond is also reflected in a long period of employment with the family-owned company Richter Pharma.


"Providing a healthy lead" is our guiding principle. As a full-service pharmaceutical distributor, we fulfill our supply mandate with a great sense of responsibility. We take great care in fulfilling the social responsibility that this entails.

Appreciation & Clarity

Appreciation is practiced in all areas of the company. Meeting at eye level, mutual trust and personal discussion are the breeding ground for the success of the individual, the team and the entire company.


Clear objectives provide orientation and create trust. Efficient and solution-oriented work is optimized by clear responsibilities. Clear communication is essential to create and maintain transparency in the company.

Owner and Board of Directors

f.l.t.r.: Mag. pharm. Florian Fritsch, Roland Huemer (CEO), Andreas Schilde (COO)
Photocredit: Peter Baier

Mag. Roland Huemer

Roland Huemer has been part of Richter Pharma for more than 20 years and has headed the company as CEO since 2013. With his extensive experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry, he leads the company with vision and has set himself the goal, together with his employees, to lift the company into a new dimension and prepare it for the next generations.

"As CEO of a family-owned pharmaceutical company, it is my aspiration that both customers and employees can rely on us, as a successful long-term partner."

Fotocredit: Jürgen Grünwald

Andreas Schilde

In April 2023, the Supervisory Board of Richter Pharma strengthened the Management Board with a new COO: Andreas Schilde has held this position since then. 

"Richter Pharma is a recognized leading company in the Austrian healthcare industry and a system-critical healthcare provider and logistics provider. I am very pleased to be able to contribute to the joint success of the Group with my management, production and logistics expertise."

Photocredit: Peter Baier
Company Owner

Mag. pharm. Florian Fritsch

As the owner and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Richter Pharma, you can feel how much the entrepreneur's heart is attached to his company at every encounter.

"As the owner of a company that has been successful for centuries, I also bear responsibility for the next generations. The Management Board enjoys my absolute trust."