Research & Development

Our research and development business unit is dedicated to developing new projects as well as supporting existing products. Research projects focus predominantly on active substances with well-established veterinary use, developing products for use both in companion animals as well as in livestock. As part of our focus on animal welfare we are committed to providing therapeutic solutions in pain management and related areas.

We focus our research and development activities on new applications for existing active substances but also include research into new indications and new target species for established products.

Our long-standing manufacturing know-how is the sound basis for the development of injectable dosage forms.

Product development and registration

 At Richter Pharma we are dedicated to meeting the veterinarian’s therapeutic needs, with emphasis on pain management services and solutions.

Our success is based on three pillars:

  •     Keeping our clients in the center of our attention
  •     Identifying therapeutic needs and closing therapeutic gaps
  •     Pro-actively screening business opportunities in established and emerging markets


Regulatory Affairs

Our regulatory affairs team coordinates all activities related to obtaining marketing authorizations in over 50 markets worldwide. Over the past decades we have acquired significant experience in national authorization procedures across multiple continents from Australia to Canada. In line with our current focus on EU and EU-like markets we have more recently concentrated on De-centralised and Mutual Recognition Procedures. New projects in our pipeline ensure the continued success of our regulatory activities, using a variety of submission strategies for both generic and full application submissions.


Diligent conduct of pharmacovigilance activities is a major hallmark of our corporate responsibility. By use of electronic reporting systems and streamlined reporting procedures we reliably and continuously screen the risk/benefit profiles of our products. If you wish to contact us regarding pharmacovigilance please use our pharmacovigilance form.