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Pharmaceutical production in Austria

As a specialised manufacturer of veterinary medicines, we hold over 700 marketing authorisations in numerous indication areas and export our products to over 50 countries worldwide.  One of our strengths is in the pain segment and thus a focus on analgesics and anaesthetics. As the leading manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceuticals in Austria we guarantee efficiency, flexibility and responsibility granted by constant development and investment. The pharmaceutical production of all our products is of course carried out in accordance with the current GMP specifications. Strict quality control ensures high product quality.

The production of sterile and none sterile liquids is our main strength. We also manufacture semi-solids such as ointments and gels as well as powders.

Marketing authorisations
Own brands
Export countries

Richter Pharma products

In line with our slogan "Providing a Healthy Lead", we aim to make a significant contribution to animal health through the delivery and continuous improvement of our innovative portfolio.

Our core competence is in pain management, and we are constantly developing and expanding our portfolio. It also includes, for example, products in indication areas such as cardiology, metabolism and advanced analgesia as well as anti-inflammation.

In-house product development and registration, as well as ownership of brands and products, is particularly important to us.

Our veterinary medicines are available
from 72 distributors worldwide.

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Head of International Sales

Dr. Ignacio Lanza

„Ignacio Lanza leads the International Sales and Marketing Department. Graduated as a Veterinarian, has more than 20 years experience working in the Animal Health Industry, mostly in international  environments and in different roles from Technical, Sales, Marketing and Leadership “

Pharmaceutical production with added value

Branded Generic & Customer Value

As a manufacturer of medicinal products, it is particularly important for us to offer our distribution partners and veterinarians added value. Innovative products, comprehensive services and consideration of customer needs are our top priorities.

Our added value for you:

  • In-house product development and registration
  • Ownership of products and brands
  • Innovative further development of products:
    • New applications
    • Additional target species
    • Shorter withdrawal times
    • Different pack sizes
    • Improved formulations
  • Technical support from Medical Advisor
  • Product training and education
  • A competent customer service team
  • Support with logistics, transport and export
  • Attractive presentation of the products
  • Support through marketing activities
  • Marketing and medical online support services

Technical marketing support

Medical advisor

The Medical Advisor is the first point of contact for medical/technical issues relating to veterinary products at Richter Pharma. He/she answers product-related customer enquiries and trains colleagues in the office and sales representatives as well as international sales partners. The Medical Advisor is responsible for the content of the training courses and the advertising content. At national and international trade fairs, congresses and seminars, the Medical lectures for veterinarians and maintains contact with key opinion leaders. He/she also participates actively in product development.


Richter Pharma a member of Access Vetmed

Access VetMed (formerly known as the European Group for Generic
Veterinary Medicines, EGGVP) is the voice of the European industry of
generic and added-value veterinary medicines while communicating to a wider audience about the many benefits of the generic veterinary medicines to animal health and society at large. 

“As an EU industry organisation, we want to raise awareness about the generic and added-value veterinary medicines and their beneficial qualities – Availability, Convenience, Compliance, Efficacy, Safety, and Savings – that can be condensed into ACCESS. These features have a significant impact to animal health and well-being, which also directly contributes to human and environmental health,” states Dolores Cainzos, chair of Access VetMed. 

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Pharmaceutical production
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