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Clove oil - natureĀ“s wonder

The phenylpropanoid eugenol, contained in cloves has 68 different known biologic activities, including antifungal and antibacterial as well as pain relieving and antiphlogistic.

Ringworm - highly infectious and hard to get rid of

Caused by the fungus trichophyton, ringworm is characterised by large round hairless patches, particularly located on the head and neck, sometimes on the back, chest and croup. Proteolytic and keratolytic enzymes and toxins lead to inflammation and parakeratosis. The fungal spores are very resistant and can survive for years on the coat and skin. Ringworm is a zoonosis, meaning it is also contagious for humans.

Sporyl - no chance for mycosis

The antifungal properties of Eugenol lead to rapid elimination of the fungi and its spores and the skin can heal. Cetrimide as a disinfective agent adds to the effect and inhibits further spreading of the spores.

Sporyl ointment

Active ingredient:

clove oil, eugenol, cetrimide

Target species:


Package size:

100g, 500g