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Providing a healthy lead

The role of cats and dogs has changed from being just pets to being important partners in their owner´s life. They give joy and companionship and add a purpose to daily routine.

The true value of a horse is not only determined by its market price, its age or its performance. The esteem we give to the horse makes it much more precious. Horses are wonderful creatures. Vulnerable creatures.

Animal welfare and ethical husbandry are getting more and more in the focus of public attention.
This includes adequate therapy of painful diseases. Pain management in livestock does not only prevent the animals from suffering, but also has a positive impact on the productive capacity and therefore on the business.

Richter Pharma meets the requirements of modern veterinary medicine with innovative high standard products.
High quality customer support through a dedicated team is part of our philosophy.

Tradition and Innovation

Our product portfolio reflects the perfect alliance of centuries of tradition and constant development.
As a competent partner for the veterinary pharmaceutical business, our research and development meet the demands of modern veterinary medicine.
Our main focus is on pain management and related areas like anaesthesia.
Vitamins, metabolics and antiparisitcs complete the portfolio.

Competence in Pain Management

We support our partners and vets with innovative products to prevent and treat pain.